Community Standards & Terms of use in a nutshell

We all live in communities and we all follow a certain set of written or unwritten rules and guidelines. Yes, different communities act and react differently, yet, wherever you are it all comes down to one: be respectful.
To assure that our own ever-growing community of traders and investors runs smoothly and under the most positive circumstances we put a set of guidelines together to help you and everyone else make the best of it!

Share the love and be positive and to the point


A beacon of positivity!
You are, just as everyone else, here for the same reason: to take advantage of the amazing personal finance and investing experience of NAGA. So let’s stay positive and remain focused on your goals!
Focused on the matter!
Make sure that the content you share with NAGA Community is relevant and has a positive impact.
Sociable but private
Treat this like it’s real life. You wouldn’t give your key to a stranger, yet, you’d be trying to be open and social in the presence of anyone, right? So act here as you would in the physical world. Comment/post only what you’d say in public and protect your personal information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers or street addresses.


Show your teeth
This goes hand in hand with respect. We don’t have to agree on everything but let’s agree to this: listen to one another and be open to opposing views. Who knows, you may get something out of it. We, at NAGA, will make sure that disrespectful or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Go back in time
We live in the 21st century. Let’s keep it that way. Racist, sexist, discriminatory and defamatory comments are not allowed and will immediately be removed.
Do anything we wouldn’t
In other words, don’t share anything harmful to others or NAGA. External links to competing services and tools, advertisement of anything related to personal finance and investing and any other form that can be considered spam.
Post at once
  • What’s on your mind today… What’s your trading strategy? Do you have any technical or fundamental insights?
  • What’s shareable. Trading content, from videos and memes to articles, trending topics and especially (Trump) tweets!
  • What you earned in wisdom and learned from failure.
  • Your take on current market events.
Think twice about
  • Sharing pictures of your baby or cat. Unless your cat is a trading genius!
  • Giving your (NAGA) password away, obviously.
  • Reporting technical issues on Global Feed or asking questions you can easily find in the FAQ section or Support Chat.
  • Posting too frequently (especially same/similar content).
To conclude, as a rule of thumb, whether you’re feeling like a bear or a bull today, just don’t be a bully! Remember we are all here for the same reason: to be better. So let’s make the best of it and share the love!
Make sure you familiarize yourself with our Community Standards in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.
If you have a question about the NAGA Community or you want to report an abusive behaviour on NAGA Feed and/or NAGA Messenger, please send an email to community@naga.com.